Your Direct Source for Wholesale Premium Car Air Fresheners

Since 2005, Higante Works has been the leading wholesale distributor of aftermarket JDM air fresheners in the United States.

We specialize in premium, high-quality, aftermarket JDM air fresheners that are high-demand in the JDM motorsports community and sold mainly at specialty automotive stops and car washes. That means high-quality, high-demand items with a very limited competition.

We are an authorized Distributor of My Shaldan, Treefrog and other high-performance Air Fresheners that are among the most respected brands of premium air fresheners in the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) motorsports community and in the automotive aftermarket industry.

The word Higante (pronounced hee-gan-tee) is derived from the Latin word Gigante meaning huge, giant, gigantic or colossal. Choosing our name that denotes something huge or unusually great size, power or importance symbolizes our commitment to customer service and putting our customers first.

Our name might mean Giant, but here at Higante Works, it is our customers that hold unusually great power and importance to us, combined with unusually great products and credible great savings for our customers.

At Higante Works, we believe that by playing a part in the success of our customers, we gain a customer for life.