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Higante Prime Members achieve a higher sell-through rate compared to non-Prime members.


In a recent study, we compared Higante Prime members with non-Prime members based on purchasing habits, frequency, and product selections. We found that customers who carry a wider product selection are more likely to sell more and tends to have a higher sell-through rate compared to those who carry only a limited selection of products. Our study was based on the type of business, how often they restock, product selection, and a few other factors.

Our analysis shows that Higante Prime members restock 3 times more at an average of $1,600 to $2,500 every 3 to 5 months (with an average selection of 10 product lines or more) compared to non-Prime members who restock at an average of $500 every 4 to 9 months.

Although not all products fared the same in terms of how fast an item sells. There were a few exceptions in which a customer carries only one product line and still manages to maintain their monthly purchasing average.

Overall, our analysis shows that there is a significant impact in how retailers have shown an increase in sales with a wider product selection compared to those who carry only a few select items.

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