IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We are making changes to our wholesale policy.  Wholesale customers, please click here for details.

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June 11, 2018: 
Introducing Higante Prime

Get 3% to 5% discounts on top of your discounted wholesale pricing on hundreds of items with Higante Prime. 

Plus, get discounted prices on select sale items offered only to Higante Prime members.

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May 29, 2018: 
New updates regarding your wholesale account at Higante Works, Ltd. Co.

We are making major changes to our wholesale policy.

Effective June 1st, customers will now be required to have a Wholesale Account in order to purchase products at wholesale prices.

We have started the verification process and assigned the majority of our customers as Wholesale Account. However, as we have a large number of customers on our list, we are unable to verify each and every customer in our database.

If you have not received a notification or are unsure if your account has been converted to a Wholesale Account, you can verify by logging in to your account.

As of present, the only way to verify is to compare the prices when you are logged in to your account and when not logged in. We are working on a feature to display the type of account you have in the Customer Dashboard.

If your account has not been converted to a Wholesale Account, you can send a request by sending us an email or by contacting your Account Representative.

Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your business.